About Us

We are the leading Czech Security Consultancy and Training Company.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Public security in public buildings (hospitals, schools, culture institutions, offices, public and city events, sport events etc.)
  • Security in public spaces.
  • Corporate security – physical and technical security of different buildings and sights
  • Personal security and training

We operate independently alongside our clients and bring years of experience and expertise to address their requirements.

Our excellent reputation is based on our experts‘ many years of work experience and deep knowledge of the Czech security market and its needs.

Clients have reported that they appreciate our personal approach to solving their individual needs and are grateful for our 100% reliability. We have become trusted, valued partners for our clients to whom they later turn to solve various security problems.

We understand that security is sometimes not a dedicated role within an organisation. For this reason, our focus is clients who are experts in their own professions (e.g. principals of schools, managers of hospitals, theatres, concert halls, libraries, town halls, etc.), but not necessarily in the field of security. Our focus enables us to multi-faceted practises; provide security awareness, operating procedures and know-how to all non-security personnel. It is this ability that our clients value highly.

We do not represent any supplier of security technology or security companies. We want to remain independent in our consulting activities that are our market advantage. We are constantly searching for new business partners to work alongside, and cooperate with to design solutions and deliver jointly developed security products.

We cooperate with the Crime Prevention Department of the Ministry of the Interior, the Czech Police and representatives from the Education Sector.

Our clients include both state-owned and private organizations. We work for clients throughout the Czech Republic and we have ambitions to expand with our specific public protection services to Eastern markets.


Business needs:

We are actively looking for partners who want to share expertise and experience in developing and promoting many aspects of personal and physical security and public protection together with us.

We also search for various necessary safety and technical products, which do not yet exist in a market that focuses primarily on building owners, not individuals.




Our business in security education has a perspective:                                                                                                             

Doverville conducted a survey of a sample of 103 respondents from 23 countries at the international security fair INTERSEC DUBAI 2022.
Although respondents at their workplaces now feel mostly safe (75%), 72% would appreciate if more security training would be organized
for all employees. The reason is the growing aggression everywhere in society, which was confirmed to us by 74% of respondents, but also
the perception of respondents that new security threats are constantly emerging.